Flight Ingormation - Flying Colors Ballooning

Flight Information

Flight Locations: We fly from Dansville, NY.

Flight Times: We fly afternoon / evening flights seven days a week, launching roughly 2 hours ahead of sunset.

Certification: Damon has his commercial pilot certification issued by the FAA. He has over 600 incident free flight hours over the past 21 years. The balloon goes through a rigorous inspection every fall, also mandated by the FAA.

Weather: Balloons require very light winds. We prefer winds to be 7 mph or less on the ground to give you the best experience possible. We also must avoid precipitation of any kind; especially thunderstorms. We are very concerned with safety.

Atire: Passengers should wear jeans or some other pant with sneakers or boots (no open toed shoes). A short sleeve shirt is recommended with a light jacket. For the taller passengers, we recommend a hat (since you are closer to the burner). Wear clothing that you won't mind getting dirty.

What to Expect: Passengers will be asked to arrive at the launch site 30 minutes before launch. The pilot and crew will set up the balloon. Passengers board the balloon through a door in the basket. During a typical flight we float along at tree top level to 3,000 feet in the sky to give spectacular views of the Finger Lakes (weather and wind direction permitting). After about an hour, we gently land, pack the balloon up, and have our champagne toast. The whole process takes about two and a half hours.

Insurance: We are insured. A copy of our insurance is available upon request.

Tethering: We do not tether, where the balloon is secured to the ground and goes up to a height of 75-100 feet and returns.

Policies: We reserve the right to cancel a flight for any reason, even if the weather is good. We reserve the right to deny ridership to anyone. Weight limits apply. Passengers will be asked sign an insurance waiver as mandated by our insurance carrier.