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Balloon rides are about an hour in duration and are followed by a champagne toast.

$220 per person
$200 per person if booking two, three, or four people
$700 total if booking a private ride for two people
Gift certificates available and never expire!

To purchase a gift certificate, select the number of passengers from the pull down menu below. Keep in mind that we will fill our basket to capacity on every flight. You will share a basket with other people, unless you purchase a private ride. Please provide a shipping address and the recipients name. Note that a 350 lb. weight limit exists for two passengers, a 525 lb. weight limit for three passengers, and a 700 lb. weight limit for four passengers. If your group exceeds the weight limit, call before ordering. Free shipping.

Number of Passengers

Refund Policy: Gift certificates are refundable for 30 days minus a $50 fee. After 30 days, gift certificates are no longer refundable but remain fully transferable. Weight restrictions still apply. Gift certificates never expire.